Gulf Oil Moratorium Effects Still Being Felt in Mississippi

June 24, 2011

The Obama administration may have lifted the oil moratorium last year; but the damage is still being felt today. No, not the $3.50 a gallon gas that we cuss each day we fill up. No, not the higher cost of commodities as a result of higher oil prices. It is the little things that go unnoticed by the average Mississippian. Since the BP disaster last year and the resulting misguided moratorium by the Obama administration, several oil rigs and jobs have left our state for Brazil, Africa and other oil rich areas around the world.

This didn’t really hit home with me until I was talking with a parent on my son’s soccer team. He is an oil rig worker who was stationed in the waters off Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. He was telling me that due to Obama’s moratorium that he is having to go to Africa for several months for his job. Almost 9 months since the moratorium was ‘lifted’ the effects are still being felt by the industry and its workers. This means a longer absence from his family including his 4 year old son, as compared to the on/off time when stationed in the Gulf. It also means that when he is ‘off’ much of his paycheck will be spent in the restaurants and stores of whatever country he is in rather than Mississippi.

I by no means have a vast knowledge of all the ins and outs of working oil rigs; nor the intricacies of the industry here in Mississippi and the Gulf. Yet, I feel so bad for his family who has to worry more and wait longer for his return as he is in some far away country that may or may not be one coup away from stability.

So, besides the fact that Obama’s policies are directly affecting oil prices (moratoriums, QE 2, EPA regulations), take notice that it may be your neighbor or friend who has either lost their job or had to ship off to foreign lands due to draconian actions by a President that ‘necessarily‘ wants energy prices to skyrocket. And, I doubt he cares if a slew of Mississippians and fellow Gulf residents lose their jobs or are unnecessarily separated from their families.




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