Media…. Matters!

June 30, 2011

A good friend of mine called me this week to tell me about a segment on Fox and Friends where you can petition to file a complaint with the IRS to revoke the tax-exempt status of the George Soros funded, parent’s basement dwelling organization, Media Matters. For those that may not know, Media Matters has non-profit status and has declared war on Fox News and conservative talk show hosts across the land. They are engaged in political partisan attacks on behalf of the left. That means when George Soros and other big money leftists donate money, it is tax deductible. Media Matters also benefits from all the perks of being a tax-exempt organization. These Perks are funded by us taxpayers.

She also sent the morning show an email saying she submitted the form and why. Well, it wasn’t an hour later when Fox and Friends producers began calling her to see if she would be willing to come on the show to discuss why. The producers booked a car to take her to New Orleans for the segment. So, at 2 a.m. she and her children loaded up for the drive to a nondescript studio off Rampart street. As luck would have it, her camera man was a bleeding heart liberal who could barely hold his disgust when she noted that the set looked like the one she had seen Sarah Palin broadcast from on Fox News. After barking not to mention her name, he conceded that she had sat right there in that seat.

Her segment came on about 5:45 a.m., and since my wife and I are big fans of sleeping, we DVR’d the show so we could watch it when we woke up. In a little over one minute she was able to succinctly sum up the problem with the mainstream media, why Media Matters is clearly a DNC thug, and to promote the revoking of their tax exempt status through the available link.

For those of us who are now tuned in to left-wing bias of the mainstream media alphabet soup partners, this is no surprise. As we saw in 2008 and now with the 2012 Presidential race beginning, the depth of their derangement is more obvious than ever. And, even though we have new media outlets through the internet, blogs and social media sites, it is worth noting that media… matters. It matters a lot! Even I used to think that the news media was trustworthy and neutral with American’s best interests at heart. Oh, how wrong I was!

The progressive left, the Obama Administration and the DNC have laid a framework of hate and incivility that is rapidly becoming dangerous. The mainstream media is their attack dog leading the fight, and the helicopter parent who defends their child from any wrong they commit at the same time. Glenn Beck warned a couple of years ago that as the progressive agenda was exposed they would ramp up the rhetoric towards the right and those who want America to be what the Founders intended. Even to the extent of using violence. Oh, how right he was!

They will stop at nothing to transform America into their socialist top-down utopia where spread the wealth replaces personal responsibility and free enterprise. Not to mention the unicorns that poop Skittles. As we get closer to the Presidential election next year, we will see more layers of the onion peeled back exposing the hatred and pure contempt for those that oppose Obama, the progressive movement, and their efforts to radically transform America.

Just this week we have seen petty attacks on Michele Bachmann for misstatements or flubs during campaign appearances. Do we even have to point out the attacks on Sarah Palin? What is considered “tired” moments of non-stop campaigning or rookie mistakes when Obama says “all 57 States,” are reasons to question Republicans’ intelligence and readiness for office.

In fact, if you just relied on the CNN’s of the world you wouldn’t realize that Obama is as gaffe-o-matic as Biden. And that’s a big f@#%’in deal! Anyone up for some bowling – Special Olympics style?

After Rep. Bachmann said John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father no less than 3000 links to AP (and the other alphabet soup news sites) articles were available for mass consumption by lunch. Now if you are to try and find any one of the numerous Obama gaffes from a major news site it may be easier to find a needle in a haystack.

So, when the state controlled media doesn’t want news to matter, we are fortunate to have diligent bloggers and new media sources who do make it matter. Their success in uncovering stories while giving legs to those ignored by the mainstream is growing daily, as is their audience and exposure. In fact, I am personally thankful for the various new outlets of news and information sources because without them, I may not have the broader understanding of this Country’s history, the Constitution, or the history of how the progressive movement has permeated our educational and governmental institutions, including the media. I have learned that I must educate myself instead of relying on the slanted media and the professors that are spoon-feeding us lies and distortions. I was taught to trust the lessons of my teachers. That the man in the talking box summing up events at the end of the day was as good as a grandparent. I had no reason to doubt them or their message. But, today we are at a crossroads. Through their indoctrination, we are being brought to the brink of revolutionary change that didn’t arrive on our doorstep like a FedEx package; but more like kudzu vines that one day, after many years, has swallowed your fence, the trees and the old tractor in back of the farm.

Progressives and Democrats know that to defeat those of us who subscribe to individualism, free markets, Capitalism and personal property rights, they have to work like kudzu. They have to plant their roots deep while creeping toward their goal of a top-down state controlled government where elites know what is better for you than you do and where class warfare and envy are rallying cries for redistributive change. Where the media shouts how dare you question the mob rule of those that are doing this for you – for Democracy! Look around! Their vines have taken over the fence and started climbing the trees. Now is not the time to ‘hope’ they will not take over.

I implore you to seek out media that matters and not fall prey to Media Matters or the hundreds of other left-wing funded groups who are hell bent on reprogramming us. Take a look at the Media Matters website and ask yourself, is this a clearinghouse of truth or is it full blown obsessive compulsive disorder bordering along the mentality of a serial killer? And they are just one of the many.

So, tonight and the many nights ahead before the election, don’t get mad when you hear the lies of the day about our conservative candidates. Get educated. Get organized. And, take action like my friend did. It is time to get off the sidelines and play the game the right way. On our terms with truth on our side, it is time to make the media matter again! Look for her on Saturday. Fox and Friends asked her to come back.




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