Michelle Bachmann Wins RLC Straw Poll – No Really

June 23, 2011

Ok, so my headline may be a bit misleading since Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman actually received more votes than Michele Bachmann in the RLC 2011 Straw Poll. In fact, Ron Paul won in a cake-walk by 421 votes. Now, something just didn’t seem right when I heard the results Saturday afternoon; and the loud boos from the crowd backed that up.

There were at least a few hundred of us that walked out before Paul’s speech after the outburst against Israel by the Paulbots during Herman Cain’s speech. A little snooping around and question asking of attendees revealed the rumor that supporters of Ron Paul only had to pay $20 to attend the event with the rest of their cost covered by his campaign. Now, I am not one to spread rumors. But, based on the fact that the same thing seemed to happen at SRLC 2010 last year where Paul only lost by one vote, and Politico also felt inclined to report the rumor that Jon Huntsman’s campaign paid for his supporters to attend the event, I think there is some truth to these rumors:

Rumors circulated here that Huntsman campaign may have paid for supporters to attend the conference and a spokesman for the candidate, Tim MIller, didn’t deny that they had.
“Not commenting on internal strategy,” said Miller, adding: “The result demonstrates that young conservatives are responding to his record of success in Utah, willingness to take the debt problem seriously, and foreign policy message,”

Of course, I am not saying there is anything wrong with this. Yet, judging by the description ‘young conservatives’ and based on who I saw representing Ron Paul, I find it hard to believe that these young voters were able to afford the several hundred dollars it takes to attend this event when you include food and lodging expenses. I was once a ‘young conservative’ too, which translates into broke college student who votes for Republicans. Nevertheless, it was nice to not have to deal with his supporters the whole conference as they filtered in just before his speech and slinked out right after much like uninvited guests to a wedding reception. When you are consistently behind in the national polls, low hanging fruit like this is one way to garner some positive headlines. I’ll give Ron Paul credit, at least he showed up and didn’t call in sick like Huntsman did. At least the Paulbots were able to see and hear from their candidate of choice.

So given that Paul and Huntsman may not have played above the table on this straw poll this means that the real winners were Michele Bachmann with 191 votes with Herman Cain coming in second with 104 votes. Thus, why I crown Michele Bachmann the winner. Now had Gov. Rick Perry given his speech before the poll ended, and had he been included in the straw poll I think we would have seen him win the poll, minus the questionable votes of Paul and Huntsman. In fact, I spoke with some attendees yesterday that were thrilled with Rep. Bachmann after her speech who after a few days of reflection now feel that Perry was their favorite. And, don’t think Gov. Perry didn’t notice how well his speech was received.

This is why I think a ticket of Perry/Bachmann may be the most formidable one come next Summer. It would sew up all the conservative factions while bringing in the Tea Party independents that will be needed to beat Obama. A Zogby poll released this week shows that Bachmann has surged in front of RINO Romney and fellow Tea Party favorite Cain with no other candidate even remotely close. Huntsman’s Reaganesque announcement earlier this week may give him a bump; but as we learn more about his progressive Republican leanings I think he will remain in single digits as we get closer to next Summer. This is why we need to remain cognizant of who the MSM pushes as ‘their’ frontrunner. As much as they want Obama to win, they also do not want a true Constitutional conservative in the White House. We must stay informed and connected through the various new outlets available – blogs, social media outlets and the new media websites to combat the onslaught of the MSM.




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