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July 25, 2011

You know elections are near when the robocalls and campaign commercials become more frequent. Political Campaigns are in high gear in Mississippi and volunteers come a dime a dozen. In fact a volunteer of a Ms. Gubernatorial Candidate recently called a law firm in Tupelo, Ms. to invite everyone to a campaign function for that candidate. The receptionist not being familiar with the candidate asked the volunteer what party the candidate was affiliated with. The volunteer responded she was not sure what party but she thought it might be Republican. Other gaffes and mishaps contribute to low voter turnout on a national basis, but for now I welcome you to Mississippi Politics. Be forewarned as the water can get pretty muddy in Mississippi.

The Lieutenant Governor’s race is one worth watching because here in Mississippi your Lieutenant Governor is one step away from becoming your next State Governor. Last week the talk was about how Billy Hewes was participating in negative campaigning. You may have seen the commercial mocking his GOP opponent Tate Reeves. Tate who claims to be a fiscally conservative watchdog for Mississippi is portrayed as being a wimpy dog on a chain with someone yelling BAD TATE! Then yesterday I opened the mailbox to find a Newsletter from “friends of Tate Reeves” about GOP opponent Billy Hewes. The Newsletter had a picture of a home with a PRIVATE PROPERTY No Trespassing sign hanging on a fence that had been cut. The Newsletter stated “The Signs Are All There…We Can’t Trust Billy Hewes to protect our Property Rights.” It also list his voting record on eminent domain and suggest Billy Hewes makes it easier for Government to seize your private property. So where does this leave the conservative voter? Does the voter choose the candidate being portrayed as a wimpy watchdog or the one being portrayed as a big government land thief? So much for Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment.

While candidates are trying to win a race using the unfortunate, yet effective tactics of negative campaigning they often loose site of the most important thing. The People whom they will represent and serve if they get elected. While negative campaigning does create distrust and does impact elections rest assured it also leaves many voters at home. When given the choices of evil or less evil by each opponent of any given race it leaves many of the prospective voters dismayed.

While it is important for the individual voter to take initiative to do their own research rather than just listening to what the candidate is selling, many do not take the time to do so. One can learn much by looking at voting records or connecting with your nearest Tea Party group to help sift through the mud.

A Tip to the wise…the Good People of Mississippi DO NOT want More Rhetoric and Politics about how bad you say the other guy is. They want to know your vision of how you can serve the people of Mississippi. Let the Liberals do the mud slinging.
Grant Sowell




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