New Media for a New Day in American Politics

July 1, 2011

The New Media is sweeping across our Nation reshaping American Politics and that’s a good thing. One may ask, what is the New Media and what’s wrong with traditional Media?  To that question I would reply, let’s talk about it. The New Media is all the buzz but first allow me to introduce myself.

Hello fellow conservatives, my name is Grant Sowell. I’m from Tupelo, Mississippi and It’s an honor to be a regular contributor here on the new Mississippi Conservative website. I have a beautiful wife and three incredible kids. I’m a small business owner, a youth pastor, a Tea Party Leader and that combination does sometimes anger the liberals, LOL. I love to spend time with my family, study our founding fathers, watch football and ride motorcycles.

Hey, enough about me, let’s talk about you! That’s right the good people of Mississippi. Social Networking is alive and well here in Mississippi. You catch up with old friends on facebook one minute and the next minute you can post the voting record a local politician. Yes, you and I are invited into the world of the New Media. Here we not only shape the debate, we win the debate. It’s not that the left can’t play, it’s just that we are better at it because like John Adams once said; “Facts are stubborn things.” Facts trump slander and diversions every time. We even the playing field and it’s about time we should.

The New Media is often in Real Time whereas traditional media commonly becomes yesterdays news. The New Media has had a huge impact in the last couple of years. Some examples would be the exposing of ACORN, Planned Parenthood and the latest Anthony Weiner episode.

Andrew Breitbart aka King of the New Media has a very informative conservative website called BIG GOVERNMENT Lila Rose of LIVE ACTION and James O’Keefe are also big players in the New Media world.

These are just a few examples but anyone can join the playing field of the New Media. The messaging can come in many forms such as websites, blogs, and social networking. While traditional media, faxes and email still hold some value, many of us now find additional value in Facebook, Twitter, Chats or Text. It’s no newsflash that Traditional Mainstream Media often has a liberal slant. Many times journalist have abandoned accuracy for ideology. They often try to make news out of minor gaffes spoken by conservatives while ignoring the many gaffes that come from liberals. Notice how they resist reporting major stories until they are pushed by the New Media.

Traditional mainstream media has lost it’s credibility among many conservatives. Often today’s liberal journalist are short on reporting facts and quick to report rhetoric. The New Media sets the record straight. It gives voice to the people and calls out politicians. It enables like-minded Patriots to unify efforts and plan events. Tea Party groups have used the tools well. They have gathered record crowds at Tea Party Rallies and Town Hall meetings.

Patriots have in times past fanned the flames of Liberty using whatever creative tools they had. The British called Samuel Adams the most dangerous man in Massachusetts. He was having so much impact they wanted him dead. He would send letters to newspapers and leaders using different ficticious names giving the impression that many were fed up with Tyranny. While the names were not real the results were very real and the letters in fact did reflect the sentiment of the people. Today it’s the establishment politicians who should fear the vote of the people.

Thomas Jefferson said; “Educate and inform the masses of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty.” Oh the value of an educated voter! We the people have before us an opportunity. Major statewide elections as well as the Presidential election will soon be upon us.

May we seize the opportunity to use the tools of the New Media for a New Day in American Politics.
Grant Sowell




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