PICKET ACROSS AMERICA: Coming to a Community near You

September 14, 2011

This Saturday is the Picket Across America. From 9 until 11:30am, Americans who are tired of the systematic destruction of our country, have the opportunity to make their voices heard across the nation from within their own communities. Americans are asked to stand on streets and major thoroughfares with signs stating “Can You Hear Me Now”. If unable to stand in protest, signs in yards and on vehicles send the message as well.. The organizer of this event is not a political operative or pundit. Meet Tina Sims an American and Mississippian chasing the increasingly elusive American dream. She is a mother of two, soon to be grandmother and she is on a Mission to WAKE THIS COUNTRY to the crisis within our government and Nation. On May 15th, Tina made a life changing decision. She stepped out of her comfort zone and decided to make her voice heard. Tina decided to take a stand and the Picket Across America was born. Here is her story.

“My name is Tina Sims and I live in Hattiesburg, MS but I am originally from Laurel. I am 47 years old and I have been unemployed for 2 years now. I am a mother of two and I have my first grandchild coming in Dec. I have organized a few benefits before, but this is my first major event and This is my first political event, The reason I started Picket Across America is because I am scared for my children and my grandchildren’s future. Being unemployed, I am not able to make trips to Washington to rally, as much as I would love to go. I have been waiting on a opportunity to come along to let my voice be heard but when the opportunity never came along, I decided to make my own opportunity. I wanted to share the opportunity with other Americans that so badly wanted to do something for their country but didn’t have the opportunity to do so. I have an overwhelming desire to stand up in defense of America and save her from destruction.”

When asked why she decided to organize the Picket Across America, Tina’s passion and love for Country is evident. “My concerns are the restrictions that have been put on Christians and their right to worship. Christians are being discriminated against and are forced to remove God from our lives because GOD and any Christian symbol OFFENDS someone. I have concerns about the invasion of illegal immigrants that are coming into our Country. Our national security is in jeopardy because our govt refuses to close the borders. Our tax dollars are funding NON CITIZENS while our elderly are suffering and doing without. I am concerned about the overspending that is taking place. I am concerned for our troops that are laying their lives on the line each and everyday so we can live free and safe. I feel that we need this picket so every American citizen has the opportunity to feel like they are doing something for our country. I feel that we need the Picket Across America because no one listens to just one voice, but our Leaders will listen to many. Washington needs to hear us loud and clear and have a clear understanding that WE THE PEOPLE are listening and watching and we do not like what we are witnessing and we are not going to stand for their nonsense anymore. Every American Citizen that has concerns about the direction our elected officials are taking our country should participate in the Picket.”

When questioned about the Media and Political claims of racism related to the Tea Party, or any group demanding Fiscal responsibility and limited government, Tina was clear. “I think that Americans are finally opening their eyes and ears and really figuring out what is going on. I give a lot of credit for Americans awakening to the Tea Party. The Tea Party tells the hidden side of the story that the mainstream media will not report. It is very important to know the whole story.

There is another event planned for the same day that calls for the Civil Disobedience and the shutting down of financial districts in major cities across the country. Tina was very clear that the events are not related. “The picket is a peaceful joining of Americans that love this country. We are not trying to take over or shut down anything, we just want our country restored to the Greatest Nation on Earth. Where can people go to find out information about the picket? You can go to PICKET ACROSS AMERICA on Facebook and sign up for the picket, although, signing up is not a requirement, and join in discussions and get more details.”

It is up to everyday Americans to hold their elected Officials accountable and right now many continue to refuse to listen. Join me and participate in the Picket Across American this Saturday at 9am.
We are asking every American Citizen to line the streets of America holding a picket sign that reads “CAN YOU HEAR US NOW”




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