Present at the Creation

September 10, 2011

As many of you may know by now, Sarah Palin – The Undefeated was released on pay-per-view last week. Like the little conservative geek I can be, I woke up at 5am to watch the first showing. Why so early? One was with the intention of writing about it that day – which obviously didn’t happen. The second reason was because I was really excited to see it. My reaction? How have we as conservatives, tea-party members, and generic Republicans forgotten the feeling we had that fateful day she was introduced to the Lower 48? Why have the same Republicans that swooned at her acceptance speech in Minneapolis, now joined the chorus of Palin haters? Why do we continue to bite the forbidden fruit of the mainstream media who has soured us on the prospect that Sarah Palin can lead America? And, why do we stand by and allow the left to brutally attack her and her family? Recently on Hannity, Sean Hannity asked the crowd if they thought Sarah should run for President. The response was a smattering of cheers and a loud “No!” Frank Luntz then asked Sean to ask the crowd if they liked Sarah Palin. The place went nuts!

So, here we have the most likable Conservative Tea-Party candidate since the heydays of Reagan, and somehow we have let a negative narrative from both sides of the aisle affect the fact that she is the best candidate to restore America back to the common sense constitutional conservatism we want so badly. Reagan in a skirt is an understatement! What are we going to do about it? Stand by as Andrew Breitbart describes in the movie like eunuchs who let her continue to be bombarded with lies and hate, and have effigies of her hang in yards while saying nothing? Or are we going to challenge the establishment and the main stream media when it comes to distorting Sarah Palin’s record? Are we going to realize that she may be the best leader we have in contrast to the progressive movement that is quickly destroying America as we know it?

Just last week even heralded Conservative women Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham opined that Sarah Palin is not fit to lead. They may ‘like’ her; but as Coulter said, she is the Obama of the Tea Party because her supporters act as if she is “the One.” Say what? Forgive us Ann for seeing that she is more conservative and true to her values than your global warming alarmist, first love – Chris Christie. Not deep enough on the issues? They obviously do not watch her when she provides political commentary on Fox News. Oh how quickly Ann and Laura have forgotten that when Sarah joined the McCain campaign how he went from dead in the water to leading Obama in the polls until McCain ‘suspended’ his campaign due to the (cough) financial crisis (cough). Less we forget how commentators, like Laura and Ann, went on and on about how we were finally hearing real conservative values which were sorely missing during the out of control spending of the Republicans and Bush and Chaney. The crowds that flocked to hear her speak at rallies because for once in long time we had a Conservative with a capital “C” to put our faith in again.

When it comes to being the Conservative cheerleader, as they alluded, fine! That’s all we need from her at Tea Party rallies until if and when she does run for President. What was Reagan doing during his “A Time for Choosing” speech for Goldwater? I think in time we will look back at some of Sarah’s speeches, like the one last week where she warned of the corporate crony capitalism and the permanent political class that is destroying America, much like we do many of Reagan’s earlier speeches warning of the evils of liberalism – albeit with a bit more pop culture flare. If the sleeping giant that has been awakened triumphs next November and beyond, we will hold Sarah Palin up as one of the most important leaders of this new movement.

So why should you watch the movie? Why should you invite your friends over to watch it? Because after most of us have stood by and watched her and her family torn down by the hateful left in Hollywood and the media, we owe it to ourselves to learn the truth about her record in Alaska, and to remember how we felt when she burst on the National scene. I know with many of you I am preaching to the choir. Yet, even though we like Palin and we hate the hate, we tend to be lukewarm to a President Palin.

I have to ask, would you hire a Yale graduate to fix your plumbing? Would you want a Princeton honor student to realign the front end of your car? Do you want a Columbia trained-Harvard law student to organize your community and run your country? Err… wait scratch that last thought! So, why wouldn’t you want a person who did not go to the best schools; but who knows what America is about, who understands what government’s role in our lives should be, and who is naturally a leader be your President of the United States? History tells us that many of our greatest achievements have not come from the brightest students or the Ivy League educated. As the movie points out, she didn’t gain her status in the political world because of her Daddy or because the establishment chose her. She had a calling to serve the people of Wasilla. Then she decided to take on the problems of Alaska in spite of the political establishment entrenched there due to the fact that corruption was hurting Alaska. She didn’t lobby McCain to choose her as Vice-President, he called her. I think given a second chance he would have chosen a safer RINO candidate approved by the Republican elites. The same Republican elites who are more interested in power over the people and not “We the People!” I don’t know about you; but I am grateful that McCain made the mistake of discovering Sarah Palin and restoring hope that there are American politicians who are willing to lead us in the right direction, with the right values, and willing to make the tough choices despite what the establishment says.

This is not an endorsement. We still have a long ways to go til next November. This is a message to get you to go watch the movie! And then come back and tell me if during the part of the movie where they tell the story of her acceptance speech you don’t feel that pride well-up inside you just like it did three years ago when we were “Present at the Creation.”

John Lunardini




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