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October 1, 2011

I’ve been trying to sift through the onslaught of news recently and decided to just offer some random thoughts on some of the news topis of the last couple of weeks.

The Solyndra Boondoggle

As a Mississippian I have two words to sum up Solyndra and the Obama administration’s decision to fund this company with tax payer money despite knowing it was a bad deal…. BEFF PLANT!

Words Have Meaning

It appears that Gov. Rick Perry has produced a few new ads attacking Gov. Romney. As many of you may have noticed in the last two debates Romney proudly declared that “words have meaning” to bolster his assertion that he is a man of his word while deflecting Perry’s allegation that he changed key words in his book. He also denied Perry’s claim that he supported Obama’s Race to the Top education program, and attacked Perry’s position on Social Security. Here are Perry’s ads in response to Gov. Romney:

What I noticed, as many of you may have, is after the debate during his interview with Hannity Gov. Romney spoke about how when you are running for President you have to be careful with the words you say on the campaign trail. He again parlayed this with his ‘words have meaning,’ and that if Gov. Perry knew he was running for President when he wrote his book he may have tempered his rhetoric on Social Security. Romney is playing his cards too close to the vest, and he has no intentions on telling us anything that isn’t tested nor is going to go off the cuff without vetting his own thoughts first. In addition, take note of Romney’s response to Bret Baier who asked him if he thought Obama was a Socialist – like the other candidates on stage had stated at one time or another – and his carefully crafted answer did everything but answer the question. Immediately, big red flag alarms went off in my head. Where else have we heard recently that a campaign message was carefully controlled and managed in an effort to please the base and attract the independent vote? If you answered Barack Obama and David Axelrod you are a winner. In fact, the Obama campaign bragged about how they ‘controlled’ the media and the message after he won. Channeling Rep. Pelosi, Romney seems to be saying, you have to vote for me to find out who the real me is. I rather have a person who speaks to his beliefs regardless of making mistakes, even at the risk of turning off a few voters, than a slick spinster like Romney.

Gov. Romney may end up a great Conservative President; but don’t say you weren’t warned if he ends up being another Scott Brown. Sen. Brown used the Tea Party-Conservative movement to get into office where the honeymoon lasted less than six months after he supported bills like The Son of Stimulus I – Stimulus II, and the FrankenTodd monster that is crippling the banking and loan industry. RINO may be too kind a word for Romney in my opinion should he return to his Massachusetts political roots if elected. This is a man that so desires to be President he will say anything to make you think he is “your” candidate if you just vote for him. We don’t need that right now with the perils that we face. And, I’m not sold on Gov. Perry either….

Perry’s Problems

Those who watched the recent debates must have walked away saying to themselves, “what in the heck happened to Perry?” The real conservatives on the stage did more damage to him than Romney. Add to that, the revealing story that the woman with cancer he claimed lobbied him to sign the executive order forcing young women to get vaccinated for HPV actually befriended him after he signed the order. Ugh! And to think, this guy electrified the crowd at both the SRLC in 2010 and the RLC in 2011 in New Orleans. He was the up and coming savior for those conservatives who were not sold on the current field. He shot to the top of the polls after he announced. Life for Perry and his fans smelled better than a bed of Texas Roses. Yet, after three debates only Michele Bachmann has fallen farther faster. He may still be second – by a good hair – in this weeks Zogby poll, but he has some explaining to do! Which brings us to the Zogby poll winner….

Who the Heck is ‘Herb’ Cain?

The other night I caught Sarah Palin on Greta’s show where they discussed the recent Zogby poll and the Republican ‘flavor of the week’ Herman Cain. Yet, I heard Sarah say, ‘Herb’ Cain at least three or four times. I hollered to my wife in the other room, “Who the heck is Herb Cain?” Face-palm! Luckily she hasn’t gotten too much grief about it; yett, it is a gaffe that makes you say, “Doh!” The Cain campaign dismissed it with ‘You can call me anything you want, just don’t call me Herm. Only my enemies call me Herm.’ What a breath of fresh air! Cain and his humor are a welcome change.

Herman Cain is gaining traction in the polls because his message makes sense. It is simple free market conservatism. The “9-9-9 Plan” hits all the hot button topics of lowering taxes, closing loopholes, expanding the tax base, and elements of the Fair Tax reform many in the Tea Party support. If he was able to get this through Congress I think we may see a emerging economy that may exceed all our expectations.

In or Out?

Tired of the talk of Palin getting into the race? No. Gov. Chris Christie? Yes. Considering the rocket ride to Republican fame he has enjoyed the last two years, the rumors are getting old when one day he’s getting into the race, then he’s out of the race. We want leaders who we can trust when they tell us something. See ‘Words Have Meaning’ above! If you tell us you are not ready, then stay out and quit taking calls from the Bush’s and other big money Republicans who find it troubling to vote for a Romney or Perry. They need to work their conservative issues out with a shrink. They are scared that their membership in the privileged political class may be revoked if they do not get an establishment candidate in office. Like Perry and Romney, the real conservatives in the race will pick him apart in the debates. Christie bought into the climate change nonsense, he didn’t join the other 26 States in the Obamacare challenge, pro-amnesty, he’s for gun control, and endorsed RINO Mike Castle over Christine O’Donnell. Michelle Bachmann would have a field day in a debate with him included…

One Line Candidate?

As much as I like her and her key role in the Tea Party movement, Michelle Bachmann has fallen out of favor in the polls faster than Tim Pawlenty quit after two debates. Just this week I got one of her campaign emails from Marcus Bachmann. The subject line read, “My wife needs your help.” No doubt I thought. She sure does! At each debate she has only offered one or two different lines from the prior debates. Much like her favorite saying, “I intend to make Obama a one term President,” she has become a one-line candidate that seems to be struggling to offer any new zingers.

More random thoughts to come…

John Lunardini




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